Basically, we offer all services you might want in a modern eye clinic. However, we have to decided to not offer some services.

In part because these services are better done in cooperation with other doctors, in part because we don’t want to offer therapies we find harmful for the patient.

On this page you’ll find an overview, as well as our good reasons why we do some things differently.

What we offer

  • Conservative Ophthalmology

    In medicine, conservative stands for “not surgical”. In our clinic you will find the entire spectrum of ohthalmology, including small lid surgery, foreign-body removal and emergency treatment. One of Dr. Eberle’s special interests is the treatment of patients with chronic disease like for example glaucoma or dry eye disease. These topics alo were part of her previous work. In case you missed Dr. Eberle’s being on TV talking about “Dry Eye” in “Puls”, you can still watch the show on our website

  • Orthoptic services
    These services are offered by Dr Eberle together with Mrs. Beersma. Orthoptics usually means treatment for strabismus, and as seeing is something that is still developing in younger children, it is especially important to make sure that strabismus is not involved when a child shows bad eyesight. This also leads to orthoptics often (but by far not exclusively) focusing on younger patients.

What we don’t offer

  • Surgery
    Dr. Eberle emphasises conservative, non-surgical treatment and therefore does not do surgery herself. This is not, as it may seem, a downside for the patient – to the contrary: this way we can send our patients to selected surgeons, making sure that the treatment is done by specialised, experienced experts. This cooperation with other ophthalmologists and hospital has proven successful for all parites involved over a long time now.
  • Laser therapy, especially LASIK
    Please do not confuse this with laser treatments for retinal detachment or other serious medical conditions! This paragraph refers to “refractive surgery”, better known as “Want To Get Rid Of Glasses?”-surgery.

    We don’t offer this, our mdeical interests lie elsewhere. Dr. Eberle is very critical of “Zeitgeist”-surgery – herself wearing glasses – especially as long-term risks and side-effects tend to be played down far too much.

    However, the “Zeitgeist” has changed a little, thankfully, and many patients today realize that contrary to all the promises, LASIK is not without side-effects and can have disabling effects, not least the “Dry Eye”. (A strange sign of the times is that nowadays many LASIK clinics offer “Dry Eye” treatment.) Take a look at google.

    At any rate we recommend getting a second opinion, preferably with an ophthalmologist critical of the procedure who doesn’t offer LASIK himself/herself.

    Too much uncritical advertisement around anyway.

  • Contact lenses

    Of course we will do the proper eye examination to define the proper dioptric power needed for correction – these are elementary for an eye clinic. However, the actual fitting of the contact lenses is best done with a specialised optician, as in so many other fields, experience is very important here.


Not least through Dr Eberle’s appearances on TV it is well-known that “Drye Eye Disease” is one of Dr. Eberle’s interests.

A while ago Dr. Eberle started a blog, intending to inform patients and other interested parties about dry eye, her everyday experiences and news from the scientific world.

Unfortunately, time is scarce to produce new content – but the existing content is not out of date and is quite interesting.

Although it’s German-only you might want to take a look: