In our practice a competent and dedicated team will look after you. Let us introduce ourselves…

Note that most of the team speak German, English and French, additional language skills are mentioned below.


Dr. Melanie Eberle Heitzmann

Picture of Dr. Eberle

Dr. Eberle is your eye doctor in our practice being a specialist recognized by the FMH, the Swiss Federation of Doctors.

Dr. Eberle mainly works in conservative (i.e. non-surgical) treatment of eye disease. Glaucoma, diabetes, Dry Eye Disease… we can do a lot for you. If you are looking for a second opinion before surgery or LASIK we recommend making an appointment, too.

And by the way: If surgery becomes necessary, as is often case in cataract, Dr. Eberle will refer you to a specialist surgeon. This way, we can individually care for patients and ensure first-class treatment.

There ‘s more to know about doctor Eberle on our special page.

Dr. Eliane Cagienard

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Jack of all trades

Thorsten Heitzmann

Picture of Mr. Heitzmann

Mr. Heitzmann is, unsurprisingly, the husband of Dr. Eberle. He’s a physician himself, but no ophthalmologist, and even when present in the practice he’s not working as a doctor.

He does examinations, perimetry and diagnostics of Dry Eye Disease, but mainly he’s our computer expert who keeps our electronic stuff runnning.

Mr. Heitzmann speaks a little Russian and Portuguese, which can be of use at times.


Jolien Beersma

Picture of Mrs. Beersma

Mrs. Beersma is a certified optician, doing the preliminary examinations together with Dr. Eberle.

And being from Holland (but as per very recently not Dutch anymore but now a proud Swiss citizen after living here for 26 years) she enforces our competency in rare languages, too.

Jos Beersma

Picture of Mr. Beersma

Just like his wife (see above) Mr. Beersma is a certified optician. Together with Dr. Eberle he is responsible for certain examinations, like the OCT examination.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Beersman is a fluent Duch speaker, just like his wife. But he’s neither Dutch nor from Holland, but a Swiss, too.


Eleonore Dietrich

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Vijitha Poovilingam

Picture of Mrs. Poovilingam

Mrs. Poovilingam is from Stuttgart in Germany and a trained medical assistant. She’s been a pillar of the practice ever since she joined the team in 2013.

Mrs. Poovilingam’s family is of Tamil descent, so naturally she speaks Tamil and we’d again like to stress our practice’s «language skills».

Stefanie Vettermann

Picture of Mrs. Vettermann

Mrs. Vettermann is a seasoned hand, too – but she actually made a lateral entry into the medical field coming from the hospitality industry. Take it from us, she has seen it all. She has been wih us since early 2014 and also stems from Southern Germany.

Just like Mr. Heitzmann (although we didn’t mention it there), Mrs. Vettermann is fluent in the wonderful Swabian dialect.