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Born in St. Gall in 1966, Dr. Eberle is a Thurgovian throughout, due to her parents moving their cheesery to the canton of Thurgovia early on. Cheesemakers always ask this, so here we go: Dr. Eberle is from an Emmentaler cheesemaker family. Her nephew, by the way, has brought proper cheesemaking to Canada.

In "Puls"

She studied medicine in Basel from 1987 to 1993 which included several stays abroad in India as well as England.

Right after her studies, Dr. Eberle started training as an ophthalologist, working for her thesis in the University of Basel’s eye clinic. She also worked in REHAB Basel (Clinic for neurorehabilitation and paraplegiology) as well as in the surgical department of the Triemlispital in Zurich.

Having finished all this, she returned to Basel to complete her training as ophthalmologist which she did in September 2000.

In addition to this, Dr. Eberle has completed a training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, TCM seemed to be quite a bit less effective than expected, at least in ophthalmology. So today Dr. Eberle doesn’t offer TCM treatments any more, after all, it’s the treatment results that count for the patient.

But the above was anticipating things, we were still in 2000 after qualifying as ophthalmologist. Dr. Eberle then started to work for Novartis Ophthalmics in Bülach as World-Wide Medical Manager – which overall was as important as it was interesting, but it also made clear that she wanted to open her own practice.

Sommer in IslandThis then happened on October 01, 2000 in Emmenbrücke.

You will have read other doctors’ websites and you know that the CV usually ends with opening the practice. Well, this does make sense, but we’d like to mention that Dr. Eberle continues to be active outside her practice as well. Talks on Dry Eye Disease for laypersons as well as other experts, and a lot more. But then, most of the time outside the practice is spent with her family which is a great joy (even in an Icelandic summer!).